#356 Bentley Continental

Bentley Continental GTC spotted in SE Portland Oregon

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Posh. I've never used that word before in my life, but it sums up this Bentley in four letters. A friend of mine loaned me his Continental W12 last year and it was very pleasurable to drive. The torque is satisfying as fuck. So when my neighbor parked this GTC in front of her shop I had to take a moment to appreciate it.

#23 Lincoln Continental

1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible owned by Chris Riehl


My mom has recounted stories from her high school days, where she and my grandma would drive around in the family car.  That car?  This 1963 Lincoln Continental convertible with custom Copper Metal Flake paint and Cragar mags.  No complete photo has ever turned up, but the "kids" all confirm this looks accurate.