#389 Volvo V60

2015 Volvo V60 R-Design owned by Edward Napierkowski

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Winner after winner after winner! @shreddtapp persistently played the daily Sneak Peek game and finally won his five points last week. You can also win free art by playing along every morning. I post a daily hint for the next day's vehicle and if you are the first to guess the model then you get a point. Five points and you earn a free illustration or some goodies from my past art. Good luck!

#34 Volvo 1800ES

1972 Volvo 1800ES owned by Doug S


Commission 3/26 (car #6/26) for Doug S in Portland OR.  This was a replacement for their '68 Barracuda fastback, but now they could actually open the rear hatch to access the storage area while getting better gas mileage during the US oil crisis.  The Swedes called this version of the P1800 the Fiskbilen, or the Fish Wagon.