#412 Porsche 911

1967 Porsche 911 restored by Singer Vehicle Design

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@singervehicledesign takes a beautiful car and polishes it to perfection. This 911 Targa has been restored to a better-than-new state. Illustrated at the request of @vector_garage who is in the middle of drawing my own collection of motorcycles. Go check out his IG feed and marvel at the beauty within.

#7 Porsche 914

1971 Porsche 914 owned by Jack Ross


I met a new neighbor today and his name is Jack.  Jack likes Porsches.  He claims to dislike VWs, but along with his 914 and 1969 911, he also has a Bus and Thing in the driveway. He showed me photos of his early race motorcycles while he explained how he was installing new cylinders on the 911 block to increase displacement without needing to bore it out.  New to me, and very cool.