#386 Mazda 3

2004 Mazda 3 owned by Brad Benton

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Another Sneak Peek game winner! Congrats to @bradbentonn for his persistence in guessing every morning until he earned five points. He chose to have his Mada 3 illustrated, and if you win then you can choose to have your own car featured on IDYC. Good luck!

#28 Mazda B2200

1989 Mazda B2200 owned by Darren Driven


Another one of the vehicles from my own arsenal.  This Mazda B2200 was a friend's father's rig that was rotting in the yard with a blown head gasket.  I gave them a few hundred, replaced the gasket and then added oil, but forgot that I never drained the old oil so the engine had twice the capacity.  I drove it about a mile with horrible smoke pouring behind, then realized the issue and headed back home.  Crisis averted and I didn't even damage the seals.  Whew!