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A few years ago the temptation of The Bandit took hold as I drove past a cruddy used car lot near my house. A late-70's Trans-Am sat center stage, white with a giant blue Screaming Chicken plastered across the hood. Over and over I drove past that lot, each time craving a test drive of that trailer park special. I caved, and chatted up the salesman one day. He fired up the 7.5L, which rumbled deeply through homemade straight pipes and I grinned. Fortunately for me, the previous owner was a chain smoker and for the rest of the day I smelled like an ashtray, a reminder that I didn't need another project in the garage. The primal chunk of my brain will always regret the decision to pass on that Firebird. Today's subject, a 1978 Trans-Am with the 6.6L, appears at first glance to be a Gold Special Edition and has the with fancy pinstripes over the gold paint, but some of the details seem wrong. The interior should be tan and the headlight housings should be gold, but who am I to nitpick over details like that. Gas is cheap today, appreciate the purity of the formula and listen to the tailpipes sing their low song.